Frequently Asked Questions

Would you classify your games as virtual escape rooms?

It depends. While most escape room enthusiasts enjoy our games, they are definitely puzzle heavy. It is not always obvious what to do with given clue and thinking outside the box and using outside knowledge or googling is sometimes needed.

Would you classify your games as puzzle hunts?

Yes, you could think of our games as lightweight puzzle hunts. If you enjoy Puzzled Pint, you will enjoy our games as well. If you are used to solving some hardcore MIT Mystery Hunt style puzzles, you might find our games too easy.

Do I need to know Morse code? Braille? Pigpen? Semaphore?

No! This might distinguish us from traditional puzzle hunts that assume familiarity with several ciphers. We expect players to be familiar with the English alphabet and its 26 letters. As an example, we might use math on top of the alphabet (B + D = F). Other techniques we use, e.g. indexing into words, do not require knowledge of “puzzle hunt ciphers”.

Can I use the internet?

Yes, absolutely! Some of the clues require knowledge that is not contained within the puzzle. While we test the games on people with various cultural background, we realize that it is impossible to know what “common knowledge” players posses. It should always be obvious what is needed and it should be easy to find using google or other search engine.

What is the time limit?

There is none. You can enjoy our games at your own pace without constantly checking the clock. Your progress is automatically saved, so you can even start the game one day and return to it couple days or weeks later.

Can we work on multiple clues in parallel?

No. We wanted to emphasize collaboration and designed our games in a linear way. There is always one clue available at a time; solving it unlocks the next.

What if we get stuck, are there hints? Can we skip some clues?

Yes! There are two hints as well as solution available for every clue. It is up to the players to decide if they need them and when. There is no penalty for using the hints or skipping the clues.

How many clues are there?

We don’t think the number of clues matters as much as their difficulty and time required to solve them. But if you really need to know, here are the numbers: The Unexpected Letter 5, The Ultimate Heist 9, The Eighth Wonder 8, The Enigma Code 10.

Are your games for me?

We don’t know 🙂 Check out our free game, The Unexpected Letter. If it seems easy and you like the clues and their variety, you should enjoy our other games as well.