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Don’t Forget the Corkscrew

Solve this to get a 20% discount.

Don’t Forget the Corkscrew

Puzzletember is in full swing and today, September 8, is our turn to publish a puzzle. Can you figure out the password? If you know the solution, you can use it as a coupon code during checkout to get a 20% discount on all True Clue games. It’s only valid until the end of September, so hurry up!

What is Puzzletember? ESCAPETHEROOMers and Curious Correspondence Club are bringing everyone a month of amazing puzzles and prizes. Every day of September 2021 at 1pm EST, a different puzzle from a different creator is published. Follow CCC’s Instagram to see them all and to get a chance to win one of the prizes.

P.S. Don’t forget the corkscrew 😉