Easy game

The Halloween Revamp

The Halloween tradition of Raven Road dates back decades, but its glory has faded in recent years. You have decided to restore the tradition back to its heyday and convinced your six neighbors to set up the most spooktacular decorations. Halloween is here and a quick glance reveals what a poor job they did.

The Halloween Revamp is a kid (aged 10+), family, and beginner friendly clue-solving adventure for anyone who wants to be challenged this Halloween. Your six neighbors from Raven Road promised to set up the most glamorous decorations. Halloween is here and you find out that what they did is dreadful in the wrong sense of the word. Broken, outdated, and unfinished decorations will need a major revamp to thrill the trick-or-treaters who will be showing up shortly.

You decide to try your best to save their Halloween.
Will it be enough?


The Halloween Revamp


Out of stock

6 houses

to decorate

8 bodies

scattered around

15 pumpkins

flickering in the dark

22 shards

to piece together
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Game details

So that you know what to expect

Team size

Recommended for 1-4 players.

Game difficulty

Easy game. Kid (aged 10+), family and beginner friendly.


Most teams are expected to finish under 1 hour.


Internet access, printer, pens and scissors.





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