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An Unexpected Letter

Letter. A brown envelope that triggers an unexpected adventure during an otherwise ordinary day. You are expected to deliver a letter from Thomas to his sister Sarah. It opens up the door into the world of clues and puzzles. Would you like to enter?

An Unexpected Letter is a clue solving adventure for anyone who dares to open the imaginary envelope and play. The game is free to play and is suitable for beginners. It features five clues of different kinds that demonstrate some common principles and should leave you well prepared for similar games in the future.

The whole game is online, the system offers tips for solving each clue as well as hints and solutions. You can play by yourself but it is much more fun to do so with friends, colleagues or family.

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An Unexpected Letter


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5 clues

of different kind
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Game details

So that you know what to expect

Team size

Recommended for 1-5 player(s).

Game difficulty

Easy game. (You don't need any previous experience. The game provides tips for solving the clues.)


Most teams are expected to finish under 1 hour.


Internet access, paper, pens and pencils. Printer is a nice-to-have.





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