We are live

Celebrate with us - after half a year of preparations, we are finally launching the True Clue games!

We are live

We have been talking about True Clue games for several years but there was always something else that ended up taking priority and we never moved beyond the ideation stage. That was until the pandemic hit. As we observed many businesses moving to or launching in the online space and more people looking for entertainment from the safety of their homes, we realized it was now or never. While it took us longer than expected, we are proud to launch the first set of print at home clue solving games.

We are starting with four games ranging from introductory to very difficult, hoping that everyone will be able to find something they can enjoy. If you are new to this kind of entertainment, you can try our free game, An Unexpected Letter, which serves as a guide to the world of clues and puzzles. More difficult but still very approachable for wide range of audiences is The Ultimate Heist, a game in which players help to commit a crime. Even more difficult games are The Enigma Code, inspired by the true story of the WWII encryption machine, and The Eight Wonder, a game taking place in the archives of the secretive Seven Wonders Archaeological Gentlemen Society.

We are glad that you have found us and we hope that you will have fun with the game you choose!